It is time for another new episode of Big Brother 2013 tonight on CBS and this episode will be jam-packed with all the activities that have happened since the Nomination Ceremony took place. GinaMarie won Head of Household for Week 6, but none of the Head of Households this season seem to be calling the shots! When all comes to an end tonight, we will have the final three nominees for Week 6 on Big Brother 2013! Watch with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who are the final three nominees for Big Brother 2013 tonight!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Amanda and McCrae

Candice and Jessie were the nominees by GM, but there was the Power of Veto competition and then the ceremony before we found out the final nominees for Week 6. Throw in the announcement of who America voted as the Big Brother MVP nominee and we should have some major drama tonight.

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The part I am excited to see: the Power of Veto competition! The Live Feeds showed us some major drama afterwards, as Amanda couldn’t keep her mouth shut and said some not-so-appropriate things during the competition. Do you actually think CBS will show them tonight? We can only hope!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we continue the talk of GM calling Candice a rat, but she is from New York. Candice is appalled, but wait until the show continues for appalled! Jessie is not happy, but GM wants to talk to her. Amanda and Judd are still laughing about the comments that GM made at the Nomination Ceremony.

GM meets with Jessie in the HoH room and said she is safe and the target is Candice and to act normal all week. She then calls down for Candice to come up to talk to her. She said the tattletale may have been a little too harsh, but then she questions the loyalty she has. That is Big Brother 2013, right?

Now Spencer, Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda talk about the MVP and who might have it. Amanda thinks it is someone in the house and America could not vote for her because she has done nothing wrong but get the mean people out of the house. Delusional much?

Now in the HoH room, Jessie walks in and sits down next to McCrae. Amanda gets jealous and asks him to come sit by her, but he does not move. She walks out of the room and we are back in high school folks. They talk some in bed and then in the bathroom and she asks if he is in a bad situation (um, yes). Per the words of McCrae: hell hath no fury for a woman scorned!

Time for the players to be picked for the Power of Veto competition, but first we find out who America voted as the third nominee. It is Amanda again and it makes no sense to her and she says someone really wants her gone! McCrae is not surprised and Jessie is excited!

The players in the PoV competition will be GM, Amanda, Candice, Jessie, Spencer and Judd. Aaryn will be serving as the host.

Afterwards, Helen and Amanda start the talk about Judd being the MVP. Amanda confronts Judd and Spencer about using the veto on her if they win. Both blow fluff up her booty, but they won’t use it.

Now in the HoH room, Amanda tells GM to use it on her, which sets off Aaryn. She thinks Amanda is being selfish (duh) and she would go up on the block if Amanda came down. McCrae is over Amanda and her paranoia is going to break up McCranda????

This is too funny: McCrae calls Amanda out on her crap and said if he was HoH she would not want him to use it and she agrees, but then he said GM and Aaryn are a couple and she said it is different! She thens said that McCrae is being a dictator in their relationship on Big Brother 2013! How funny is that thought?

Time for the Veto Competition and it is all about frogs, so Judd is excited. The HGs will toss frogs into lily pads and the lwoest points is eliminated each round. They will get a prize each round for the loser. They loser of each round can choose any prize.

Round 1: Jessie gets 3. Spencer gets 5. Candice gets 4. Judd gets 8. Amanda gets 23. GM doesn’t hit a pad, so she is out. The prize is the veto!

Round 2: Jessie is low with 4 point, but then Amanda gets 1 point and is out. She gets the dog cone of shame and trades it with GM for the veto.

Round 3: Judd gets 21, Jessie gets 9, Spencer gets 5. Then Candice tells Judd that Amanda was talking about Judd being MVP and Amanda overhears and hell breaks lose. Candice misses the pad and is low and she is out. She gets a trip to the Bahamas, but takes the veto from Amanda. The fighting continues as they stand next to each other and this is funny. Amanda is whispering, but Candice calls her out and she said she wasn’t talking. CBS held nothing back tonight in favoring Amanda, folks!

Round 4: Judd gets 23, Jessie gets 13 and Spencer gets 6. He is out and wins 50 Shades of Orange and the spray tans for 50 hours. He takes the Bahama vacation from Amanda.

Final Round: Jessie misses and Judd gets 20, so he wins. Amanda then continues the talk about Judd and Candice is not backing down and I love it! Jessie gets $5,000, but trades for veto. Judd’s prize is Clownitard, which is wearing a clown costume all week. He takes the $5,000 and Jessie wins the Power of Veto on Big Brother 2013!

The aftermath of the PoV Competition is going on, as McCrae and Amanda are talking and she said Candice is stupid, but McCrae said that Amanda is stupid. He said she could be going home and she was making a spectacle and a bully! She asked how she was being a bully and he doesn’t know how she can’t see it. Now the tears come from Amanda. She is insane!!!

Elissa and Candice are talking in the kitchen, which means they are planning something and Aaryn is worried. She goes to GM and they want Elissa out now….these silly girls!

Now for the punishments: Candice gets her clown costume and she is working it. Amanda looks like hell with all the spray tan and GM and that darn dog cone! She is loving it though! What do you think people?

Helen has been quiet tonight, but here we go. She talks with GM and wants her allies safe. GM said she is considering Elissa, but Helen said she is nothing to worry about and she wants to keep in touch with GM after the show….ugh.

It is time for the Power of Veto Ceremony for Week 6 on Big Brother 2013. No big shocker, but Jessie takes herself off the block. GinaMarie puts up her replacement and it is Spencer! No big moves, but Amanda is still on the block! Could the house shift on her before tomorrow night???

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