We are about to complete Week 9 on Big Brother 2013 and eight HouseGuests remain in the house, but that will change tonight during the live eviction show on CBS. We have the return of Big Brother host Julie Chen to give us a few more looks into what went down since the Veto Meeting and then the live vote takes place on Big Brother 15. We should have a pretty clear vote again, but maybe some changes will happen before they step in that booth? Find out during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who got voted off Big Brother 15 tonight with us!

Big Brother 2013 - Week 9 Eviction

We saw everything come to a boil last night on Big Brother 2013, as she tried to manipulate the game as much as possible. For the first time this season, the HoH is not bending over backwards to do what Amanda wants! Elissa is calling her own shots and making her own decisions and this pisses Amanda off! So, her plan: torture her and annoy her and make her self-evict. If not, have Andy go in and console her and she would never put up Andy then. Wrong and wrong and we have Andy and Aaryn on the block as the final nominees for Week 9!

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With that being said, we have a vote tonight and I made my predictions earlier. We also had our weekly Big Brother poll and both are leaning towards a certain HG. See if we are correct and see the battle for the new HoH, which is crucial for this upcoming week. The Live Recap follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who went home on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we start with Julie and the camera on Aaryn and Andy. He stands to adjust himself….yup! Aaryn is confident that she is going home and Andy has plans to start new plans without Amanda and McCrae.

Amanda goes back to the torturing of Elissa and making comments and calling her names, but Elissa just laughs it off and goes to the HoH room. Amanda continues her rant with Andy, McCrae and Spencer. Andy tries to leave, but she tells him he has to stay and listen to her bitch. She tells Spencer that Elissa says he is disgusting and Spencer said he is!

Now we get to see The Exterminators form: Andy, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie! They want to get rid of the rat and snakes (Judd came up with the name). They are all offended by Amanda’s behavior, so this is hurting her game BIG time. She is trying to mess with Elissa, but she screwed herself too. We are watching the downfall of Amanda and I love it. She cries with Aaryn because even she knows it!

GM is still Aaryn’s girl, but she is keeping both sides on the block happy to keep herself safe. Aaryn questions Spencer and he said he questions her loyalties. Judd and Spencer tell her they will think about it, but The Exterminators won’t send Andy home and that is what he wanted. Now Aaryn is going to throw people under the bus on Big Brother 2013.

Aaryn tells McCranda that Spencer told her that he would put them up on the block. Amanda calls them over and he denies it and says no one trusts what she says and it is ridiculous. Spencer walks away, but Amanda thinks he is lying 100%. They ask Aaryn if she will take them to Final 3. Now Amanda has some thinking to do…the horror.

Julie Chen announces that with the HoH competition tonight that the first two out (I believe) will be wearing either a bunny or chicken costume for 48 hours! You vote with #bbBunny or #bbChicken on Twitter. Also, Dan Gheesling will be making an appearance tonight. Will he take the place of the interview with the evicted HG???

Well, that interview is happening now. Julie sits down with Dan and he said Amanda is playing a rough game, but she is one of the only ones playing a game. She is playing the game kind of like a brat!!! He said he is a huge fan of Judd right now and he is rooting for him to win! He doesn’t understand why these HGs are leaving the showmance in the game and it won’t last outside of the house.

Will their showmance work from Big Brother 2013? We take a look back at some of the showmances that have worked: Rachel & Brendan, Dani & Dominic and Jeff & Jordan. Why is CBS wasting so much time on this tonight? The live vote is coming up next and Julie said they both have a lot of explaining to do!!!

Time to talk to the HGs on Big Brother 15: Julie welcomes Judd back to the game. He said that it is the same and a couple people gone and he thanks them for sending them home. Julie asks Amanda about messing with Elissa and she said Elissa pushed her buttons and this is what happened and they have worked it out and apologized to each other. Elissa doesn’t seem so confident about the apology and said Amanda made it personal because she put up her showmance and emotions running high!

One last chance to sway the votes. Aaryn respects their decision and loves them no matter what. Andy gives some lame speech and the Honest Abe speech and he loves Anderson Cooper. Voting time:

  • Judd votes Aaryn
  • Spencer votes Aaryn
  • GinaMarie votes Aaryn (through her tears)
  • Amanda votes Aaryn
  • McCrae votes Aaryn

It is official and in another unanimous vote, Aaryn has been evicted from the Big Brother 2013 house! Are we excited??? Julie delivers the news to the HGs and here comes the interview. Julie can’t tell her anything though, so it should be boring, right? Tears from GM…will she be a mess all week? Aaryn walks out and there are boos, but some applause! For the racist comments, she said she is Southern and never meant to hurt anyone. Then it gets good and REAL GOOD! Julie reads her quotes of what she has said and calls her out big time! She said she didn’t mean them in a bad way and taken out of context. The audience laughs at her numerous times and it is amazing to see. She can’t tell her she lost her job. Aaryn said she respects everyone in the game and they joke about things like this in Texas. I think Texas is ticked about that comment. Julie said she will have time to watch herself back and hopes she learns some things about herself and makes some changes. That was AWESOME!

HoH Competition: they are dressed as bunnies and have to reach in and grab an egg through some netting and maneuver their way through the HoH. Then hop over and place your egg. First one to get a dozen eggs wins HoH. Julie tells them that the HGs with the fewest eggs will be dressed up as chickens for the next 48 hours! Big announcement coming for the next eviction show. Another Double Eviction?

We are back and we will see who won HoH on Sunday and Julie tells us there will be a special competition also. What could it be? And next Thursday will be the second Double Eviction Show of the season! Right now, we have GM and Andy with two eggs and one egg for everyone else.

I will keep you posted on who wins tonight, so come back or follow along and subscribe to the Live Feeds!


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