The Live Feeds on Big Brother 15 got off to a rocky start last night, as many people were having issues connecting to them (and we hope our instructions helped). In case you missed it, we have some Big Brother 2013 spoilers and a few highlights from the first night of Live Feeds, even though it was a little slower night on Big Brother 15.

Big Brother 2013 Cast

Here are some highlights from the night, all taking place after the Big Brother 2013 premiere on the West Coast:

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  • Jessie is going to be a major drama queen, even though she knows she is the prettiest girl in the world. She has a thing with Jeremy, but then he apparently shared a bed with Kaitlin and blah blah. The cat fights are already starting on Big Brother 2013!
  • GinaMarie and Aaryn both had some major flirting and touching going on with David. Who will be the first two to hookup this season???
  • The Have-Not room is the room with the airport/airplane feel to it and no beds in there. It appears that Elissa and Andy may be the Have-Nots.
  • They held a fashion show, which included David wearing a pretty pink dress.
  • As far as alliances go, there appears to be one with the girls (Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jessie and Candice), but we all know that won’t last. There is also an all-guy alliance between Nick, Howard, Spencer, Jeremy and McCrae.
  • No one seems to like Elissa and she seems to be distant from everyone, so will her time on Big Brother 2013 be short?
  • The nominations from McCrae were announced!
  • The Power of Veto competition is happening today (Thursday), at least that is what the houseguests seem to believe.

We have some pictures below, thanks to Big Brother Network, that you can check out. Remember, it is still early in the season and these Live Feeds will definitely be heating up more and more as the relationships build!

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