CBS has informed the HGs on Big Brother 2014 that there is a live eviction show on Big Brother 16 tonight, but that is not the case! We have a supposed eviction show, but thanks to them hitting that Big Brother Rewind button, everything goes back to last Thursday night and Christine walking through those doors. So, what happens tonight on Big Brother 16? That is the big question of the day and I’ll try to give some light in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

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This is all purely speculation, as no one truly knows what is going to happen. My initial thoughts had the HGs being informed about the rewind button and going through a full week of Big Brother in one hour, like a Double Eviction night. I do not think that is the case any more!

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Why? First of all, the timer and that countdown. It would end about 8:30 or 8:35pm EST tonight, which means halfway through the live eviction show. The DE shows get started before then, so we would have time to get through it all in a half hour.

They also announced a big night for the show tonight on Big Brother 16. We are going to see footage from the jury house (YAY) and Dan Gheesling is going to be making an appearance and the reveal of the BB Rewind button and what it means. So, how can they fit all that in and a full week’s worth of comps? I just don’t think they can!

So, that means they’ll probably go through the vote, announce that Victoria has been eliminated, but then announce the twistiest twisted twist of the summer! She stays and we start things all over for Week 11. I think we will do a new HoH comp (Derrick is not able to compete since he won HoH during the DE episode last week) and a winner is crowned. The show will end with Julie sitting down and talking with Dan Gheesling.

From there, we usually have a special eviction night in there somewhere and the live feeds go down for a while, correct? (I’m looking at you Cat for some clarification). Either way, with the schedule all loopy for the final week or two, I am thinking we may see a special eviction episode in there, maybe Tuesday night next week, and then regular eviction on Wednesday and then a Friday night episode and then the finale on September 24?

I tried, but I think I confused myself with that last paragraph! Either way, I think we crown an HoH tonight on Big Brother 2014 and then we see another week of this madness! We desperately need a Victoria or Cody win tonight, as they would both go after Frankie. He wins again and it is the same story we saw this week.

I hope this clarifies, but we will know for sure during our Live Recap tonight!

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