There are so many things that have happened since the live eviction show on CBS last night and this Big Brother 2014 house could get more and more intense as this week progresses! It looks like more and more HGs might be getting smart and they are onto the Bomb Squad (like Joey suggested last night) and are sick of Caleb and Devin calling the shots! This could be great for Big Brother 16! Check out the highlights from yesterday in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

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Since there was a lot of action, I am just going to bullet it out and hope I get the best points to focus on:

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  • Production is moving things along quickly, so the Week 2 nominees were announced by Devin and Amber
  • Amber may be HoH, but she doesn’t want to be! She wanted the picture from her family, but she does not want blood on her hands and Caleb and Devin are calling this shots for her.
  • Before nominees announced, Devin went around and told the HGs that they were going to nominated (breaking of the rules), but no penalties given to him!
  • The main target for the week is Brittany, as Devin is threatened by her. He got Paola to agree to throw the Battle of the Block and Paola would be safe for the week.
  • The Battle of the Block competition for Week 2 was already held and the winners determined!
  • Cody is fired up after losing the HoH title from a foul. He is sick of Caleb and Devin calling the shots and it looks like we may have a good piece of action brewing! He talks with Zach and Christine (love her) and they want Paola to go over Brittany because then Caleb and Devin would lose their pawn every week on Big Brother 16! Derrick joins in the mix and they speak of adding in Hayden, Nicole and Jocasta and this could be some good stuff.
  • Paola throws a competition (not that she is good at them anyway) and expects safety because of the muscle heads. I am praying for this (with the help of Bow Tie) because Devin will be an absolute mess (and a joy for the Feedsters) and a joy to watch!
  • Productions keeps sending out these messages similar to the Greek Week theme, which will probably be used for the Veto Competition. They are loud and annoying and no one is getting any sleep!

We should have a quiet day ahead of us, as we wait for the Veto Competition (probably Saturday), so I hope everyone has an amazing 4th of July and eat a ton of food, drink a beer and watch the fireworks!

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