Last week, Big Brother 18 Co-Heads of Household Natalie Negrotti and Michelle Meyer tried to make another game changing move. They nominated Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo. They wanted to take out another major Big Brother 16 target by evicting Paul. Their plan went up in flames pretty fast.

Big Brother Nominations

First, Paul won the Veto, which made him safe this week. They then set their sights on getting out Paul’s closest ally Victor. Unfortunately, they succeeded in evicting Victor, but the returning juror competition sent him right back in the Big Brother 2016 house.

Not only did Michelle, James Huiling, and Natalie upset Victor and Paul, but they showed distrust with Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel. This made everyone stop trusting James. The Big Brother 18 jurors also made James’ position in the house worse by telling Victor to go after James.

After an intense Head of Household battle, Nicole took all the power this week. She surprised everyone when she made the decision to align with Paul, and turn her back on her showmance alliance with Natalie and James.

Immediately, Paul and Nicole discussed ways to keep their new final four alliance a secret this week. They devised a plan to nominate Paul (pretend he’s the target) and Michelle. Michelle is Nicole’s real target for the week.

If the Veto got used to save Paul or Michelle, James would go up as a replacement nominee.

At 5:49, Nicole stuck with her plan and nominated Paul and Michelle for eviction. Paul and her then staged a fake fight. As of now, Michelle is going out the Big Brother 18 doors on Thursday unless she wins the Veto. But in Big Brother 18, no one can really be sure of their safety.

We will have to see if anything shifts Nicole’s focus to another target.

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