It’s kinda surreal, isn’t it? After 9 months, 3 weeks and 5 days of longing. After holidays with the fam and that excrutiating car trip with the kiddos, it’s finally YOUR time…. Big Brother 14 time! I now give you permission to shout your joy to the heavens!

You can go ahead and pinch yourself (if you’re into that) but I promise…You. Are. Not. Dreaming. The Big Brother Premiere really IS tonight!! So, if you haven’t already done so, here is a list of must-do’s to get ready.

  • Sign up for the Live Feeds if you waited till the last minute. Seriously- it’s the only way to watch.
  • Make sure you’ve paid the cable and/or computer bill. Dude- would that suck or what?
  • Feed the tykes early and put their angelic little butts in the bed in plenty of time.
  • Set the snack tray up by the sofa and plan your bathroom breaks accordingly, cause…
It’s ON, baby!

And this year looks to be the best we’ve seen in YEARS! An all-new cast of 12, plus a brand-new BB14 MENTOR twist, populated by four AWESOME former BB Vets. AND the cool part is that they are going to be playing their OWN game. It’s NOT a rerun of last year’s Vet’s vs Newbies.. Nuh uh.. this is a slam-bang new twist and we can’t WAIT to see how it plays out!

Based on the LIVE FEED leaks we’ve seen and the interviews on Superpass…A great number of the Newbies are fans, and that ALWAYS makes the season better! Yay!

What do you think of the cast so far? Who are the standouts? Who’s your favorite Vet?

In the next post- after the Big Brother 14 Premiere-I’ll give you my prediction for the winner of Big Brother 14. And (on the next post) we’ll start a Comment thread on that Post for YOUR winner predictions as well!! We MAY *wink, wink* even have a little prize for the first person to predict the winner correctly!

So– Watch carefully, guys…. 

How do you think it’s gonna go down tonight? How’s the Mentor-Twist going to play out? There’s speculation about it being a “schoolyard-type” pick. And I think it will be– But… this is Big Brother and you KNOW it’s going to be nuttier and more complicated than that.

The big question is this:  Will the Mentors pick the Mentees? Or will it be the other way around? No matter how it goes down- there will undoubtedly be a competition involved….Something along the lines of:

  • The Mentors compete for “first pick” of Mentee–then second place picks, and so on in the aforementioned schoolyard pick.
  • The Mentees compete to select their first choice of Mentor. Can you imagine how the Janelle-fanatics will fight for the chance to be mentored by her?
And brace yourselves– cause I predict that there is SOME other aspect–some twist–that we aren’t seeing. I feel it in my bones.


Stay tuned with Bigbigbrother as we bring you all the:

  1. LIVE FEED highlights in Real Time! SPOILERS–WOOT!!
  2. Daily Recaps, Summary, Scouring and Scourging!
  3. Breaking news–fights, alliances, secrets and love-fests.
  4. Viewer comments, Chat, Facebook and Twitter

So, take a quick, last glance at the Cast, get your nap on, and prepare for the BEST night TV has to offer!!

If you still haven’t signed up for your LIVE FEEDS— better jump on that so you can turn them on as soon as the CBS show airs on the West Coast!! Cause it is going to be EPIC!

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