July 6, 2009

First News From Within Big Brother 2009


Take this one with a grain of salt since I can’t confirm anything we hear until Thursday night, but the word has it that the mystery house guest will be comprised of four different past guests. We just got a tease of who those might be by “CornerOffice” who said:

The first in the house were Russell, Ronnie, Laura, and Kevin

The Cliques:
Populars – Braden, Jordan, Laura
Athletes – Russell, Jeff, Natalie
Brains – Ronnie, Chima, Michele
Offbeats – Lydia, Kevin, Casey

The first HOH will be a former HG. Each clique is assigned one. The HG don’t know who they’re getting. Who are they? One of them had a showmance. Another was almost an All Star.

Wow! So much information. Can it be trusted? Probably, but maybe “Corner” is trying to throw us off a little too. We’ll know as soon as those live feeds turn on!

Be sure to get your feeds today before the Early Bird discount flies away!

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July 3, 2009

Inside Dish Introduces Big Brother 2009 Women – Video


Inside Dish is back with Ross Mathews and the second video in the series of his interviews with the new Big Brother 2009 house guests! I’m rather partial to the ladies so I enjoyed this one a bit more than the video of the men, but to each their own.

Take a look and see what you think of this season’s women houseguests. Any favorites so far? Will you be ready to watch these HGs live & uncensored?! You better hurry and get your live feeds preseason before the price goes up on Wednesday.

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July 2, 2009

Big Brother 2009 New Promo Video: Jordan’s Boobs Are 3 Weeks Old


Big Brother kinda just slides it right in the middle there with a clip of Jordan explaining, “I got my boobs done about 3 weeks ago.” So, um, yeah. Anyway, catch some candid moments with the new cast of Big Brother 2009 as they explain in this video why you should want to watch them.

And about Jordan? Yeah, I know who I’ll be keeping an eye on with the uncensored live feeds

July 2, 2009

Inside Dish Introduces Big Brother 2009 Men – Video


Ross Mathews and Inside Dish have exclusive interviews with the Big Brother 2009 contestants. Here’s part 1 of his 2-part set of interviews where Ross talks with this summer’s male house guests.

What do you think so far? Ready to watch these HGs live & uncensored?!

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July 1, 2009

Big Brother 2009 House Guests Revealed


They’re heeerrreeee! The soon-to-be house guests for Big Brother 2009 have been revealed. Check out the list below including a strange 13th, unnamed HG that is making me scratch my head. Pictures of all the HGs can be found over at Big Brother 11.

Big Brother 11 HouseGuests:

“Braden” – “Eye candy” says Grodner. 25yr old surfer dude

“Casey” – the “dad,” 41yr old 5th-grade teacher & DJ

“Chima” – 32yr old freelance journalist

“Jeff” – 30yr old advertising salesman from Chicago, single

“Jordan” – 22yr-old waitress. Young blonde female

“Kevin” – token homosexual male. 29yr old graphic designer

“Laura” – Young brunette female that reminded me of BB8’s Jen

“Lydia” – here’s a BB first: bisexual female. 24yr old make-up artist

“Michele” – the “smart girl,” 27yr old neuroscientist (that’s kinda cool)

“Natalie” – apparently the “tough girl,” 24 yr old Tae Kwon Do champion

“Ronnie” – the “geek,” 30yr old, married, an obsessed gamer (apparently that’s a profession) with a photographic memory including in-depth details on BB history

“Russell” – the “tough guy,” 24yr old MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter

“Mystery HG” – ohhh. CBS has listed one additional HG spot with a “?” on their site! YakkityYaks speculate this HG may be revealed July 7th

Source: Big Brother Network


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