After last night’s special eviction show on Big Brother 2013, we are now down to the Final 4 HouseGuests on Big Brother 15 and we will have the live eviction show tonight to determine who makes the Final 3! We know that Andy, GinaMarie, McCrae or Spencer will win this season, but who makes the Final 3 on Big Brother 2013? Check out my predictions below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Final 4 Eviction

We do not know who the final nominees for tonight’s eviction are, but we can go based off what we do know. Andy won HoH on last night’s episode and then he nominated McCrae and Spencer and then Andy turned around and won the Power of VetoNow he controls the final nominees for tonight, but he does not control the final vote.

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He can leave the nominees the way they are or remove one of them and put GM up as the renom. Either way, GM, Spencer or McCrae will be joining the jury house tonight on Big Brother 2013. From the Live Feeds last night, it appears that it will be McCrae getting evicted and The Exterminators will stay united.

I wish McCrae could talk Spencer or GM into keeping him and then giving it their all to take win the HoH and bring each other into the Final 2, but slim chances of that happening. McCrae won some competitions when he needed to and extended his stay in the Big Brother 2013 house, but it should come to an end tonight. He was the last one in the house that I didn’t mind winning Big Brother 15!

Who do you think is getting evicted tonight?

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