We had a blackout of the Big Brother Live Feeds for a day, as the HGs took care of some business along the way, which including the eviction of Frankie, as seen last night on Big Brother 2014 on CBS! They also had to crown a new HoH and a new Veto winner for the Final 4 on Big Brother 16. All that was revealed last night when the feeds came back. Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Final Four TablePhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

Just an FYI, but if you did not get the feeds before, there is no getting them now. To all those that did subscribe to them and purchased them using the links from this site, thank you! You all made me earn every one of those pennies this season, didn’t ya?!?!?

Now to the action. We saw Derrick win HoH during the show last night. When the feeds came back, it was determined that he put up Caleb and Victoria as his nominees for Final 4. I stated it a lot in that post, but it doesn’t truly matter. The winner of the veto holds all the power this week and it took a little more time, but it was determined that Cody won the veto again! He is definitely make a good case for the win as the season winds down.

From there, it was some game talk and Caleb thinking he is safe and Derrick telling Victoria that she should be safe, but still needs to make sure Cody is on page with them all. To be honest, Cody does seem to be questioning things, but he’ll never go against what Derrick wants. He doesn’t think Victoria would take him to the F2 over Derrick, but he also thinks that she is easier to beat in F3 than Caleb would be, which is true.

Derrick is planting the seed to Victoria that if she wins some of these final comps that she could have a good case in the end to win it all. However, he tells her it would be hard for her to beat Cody and all his victories, but easier to beat Derrick and how he has done nothing this season!

So, while Caleb continues to spend the $500,000 and $25,000 from America’s Favorite Player in his head, the others are making plans around him. We have another live eviction episode tonight on CBS and it should be Caleb going home. The big question now is who makes it to F2. Do the guys take Victoria with them into the F2 or do they stick with The Hitmen? Victoria is the safe bet for both of them, but would the jury honor that decision or be bitter and give it to her?

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