As after any live eviction show, the Live Feeds on Big Brother 2015 were wild! They are even crazier when it is a holiday weekend and production wants nothing going on on the 4th. That means Friday is going to be jam-packed with events and we saw the Nominations Ceremony on Big Brother 17 last night and Battle of the Block going on right now! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Live Feeds Recap - 7:2:2015 - 8

Do we need to know about the daytime? Not much happened and then Jace was evicted during the live show. From there, we saw Shelli and Becky win HoHs for Week 2. We also saw Kathy Griffin announce the BB Takeover, which has her calling the HGs throughout the week and the HG that answers the seventh call gets to pick three people whose votes don’t count this week!

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After the show, things got a little wild. Shelli wants to target Da’Vonne because she thinks she’ll come after her and Clay if she survives another week and is HoH. Becky wants Audrey gone, especially after Audrey tried to spread rumors that Becky made racist comments (she did not). Becky didn’t even want to be in the same room as Audrey to discuss nominations.

After the show, Audrey winked at Day and this set Day off, as she knew she was going to be a target that week (and was correct). Audrey secluded herself from everyone by going in the lounge. She is playing that victim card big time, but she is the reason no one likes her. She finds new life later on and it chatting with Clay and Shelli to make sure she is not their target. She does leave the HoH room and Shelli says she can’t trust her, but they will still keep her around.

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The Have-Nots were picked and it is James, Jason, Meg and Steve (they all volunteered). We had the HoH room reveals and they got their pictures and letters. We did have some “who voted for Jackie” talk and “what is the BB Takeover with Kathy Griffin” talk. Basically is was a lot of scrambling to see who the HoHs would nominate.

The Nomination Ceremony did happen and it has me very worried for what might happen this week. Day said she thought she was a pawn until Jason went up on the other side. Day knows she is a target, so expect her to try hard to win, which we need (for those anti-Audrey people out there).

If you don’t subscribe to the Live Feeds, then you need to click here and sign up for CBS All Access. I am not making this stuff up when I say that things get wild. This first week of Live Feeds for Big Brother 17 have brought more excitement than BB16 brought all season long! This week could be even better, especially if Becky remains HoH. My recaps can’t fully show you how good this stuff is and things are all over the place and hard to summarize!

While we wait for the BotB results, check out some photos from the Live Feeds last night:

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