August 27, 2010

Nominations Today— and BIG News about the FEEDS!!


NOMINATIONS TODAY! Stay tuned for the results– Updated throughout the day..

UPDATE: The “Punishment”- BB took away all their cups and cutlery.  ooooooo….da..da..dummmm.. Also, Lane and Hayden making plans. Plan to put up Ragan and Enzo-as pawn. They do not want to tick off Britney in case she wins HOH the next week, she will be the one to get rid of Enzo next week.  Looks like they plan to sacrifice Enzo- take Brit to F3.  Stupid move… Brit has a MUCH better chance of winning than Enzo..

UPDATE: The HG’s are on outdoor lockdown-waiting on their “Punishment.”

UPDATE: Pandora’s Box has struck again.  Lane’s story was that there was a  money tree with different amounts of money in sealed envelopes.  He claims his envelope contained $91.17  AND  there would still be something unpleasant unleashed on the house, later in the day. He will not be left off the punishment- but will suffer with the rest.  Hmmm.. We shall see.. Do you guys believe him?

Brit and Ragan speculated about what the punishment might be- and were able to incorporate their favorite pasttime…Trashing Brendan and Rachel..(Saying that maybe the punishment will be three Rachel look-a-likes to come into the house).. Surprised..  I thought you might be

OK- I know a lot of you would LIKE to have gotten the LIVE FEEDS– for Big Brother 2010—But times are tight, and we have to watch our pennies when we can.  Good news everyone!

You can now get the FEEDS, basically for FREE!!  Superpass has issued us a one-time only DISCOUNT CODE- if you SIGN UP HERE–  Here’s how it works-

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People–it don’t get better than FREE!!  I know, I know–you are saying.. But it’s so close to the end, Janet..  Why would I sign up now, Janet.. Here is why.

Because then you will know if you want to go for the whole season NEXT year..

PLUS  with the Flashback feature- you can go back and watch ANY part of the whole season you wish…  AND you can also go back and watch any part of SEASON 11!!Take a look… There is a LOT more going on with SUPERPASS than just the FEEDS- you can see the BB reunions, The Backyard Interviews, post season..  LOTS OF COOL STUFF— (hi.. did I mention it’s free??)

Give yourself a little taste.  Then next year, come back, sign up.. and we can all hang out together.. and  go through the season fully informed!

Lane will make his noms today.. So stay tuned for the results—- Will it be Britney?// Will she go postal on him????   These are the days of the Big Brother Lives…

August 27, 2010

New HOH- Week 8 Big Brother 2010-Updated and NOMS Today! Spoiler**


After a brutal Double Eviction, the Big Brother 2010 house is down to 5..

The HOH competition was played late last night, and your new HOH is………

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen,  The Brigade finally stepped up, and Lane has won the latest HOH.  Brit and the remaining members of the Brigade are ecstatic, of course. The only one, who is probably not thrilled is Ragan.

The HG’s spent their time productively, however…..Several hours of Brendan and Rachel bashing..yay.. how fun.. 🙁

I swear, these people cannot come up with any new form of communication. I find it very telling that those two made such an impression that the others spend most of their time talking about them ad nauseum..

Anyhoo.  Lane will announce his nominations today, and since we know that Ragan will go up, the question is…who else??

Will Lane out himself on the Brigade alliance, by putting her up against her little buddy, or will he keep it a secret and use Hayden on Enzo as a pawn?

Hayden's HOH basket

Stay tuned for the noms, or SIGN UP for the last few weeks of the LIVE FEEDS!  Here at the end, is usually some of the most devious scheming

August 26, 2010

Well, Now What?


With two of the best players evicted from the Big Brother 2010 house, the question I have is.. Now What?

Who do we root for?

The brigade, who rode on coattails to get here, Britney- the mean girl, or Ragan- the pompous professor?

I need a little time to mourn..  AND no second HOH comp?? Whatcha doin’ to me BB?”?

I assume the HOH will be tomorrow, so sign up, if you still don’t have the feeds...


August 26, 2010

Live DOUBLE Eviction Show and Endurance HOH Big Brother 2010-Updated


UPDATE:  The HG’s know about the double eviction, and have been told to pack.

Matt takes his suitcase to SR

UPDATE:  I finally get it! I finally understand what it is about Brendan. Yes, he can be annoying, and his voice is just naturally whiny, I think.  But think back to every single John Hughes movie of the 80’s, or the “Mean Girl” type movie of today.

Brendan is the dorky star.  When Brit was with him for their “Night of Chum”.  I thought they both were at their best. Each one helping the other, they did not talk trash about anyone, it was nice, and I think Brit kinda changed her mind about him on a personal level that night. However, just like in those movies, when the popular kids tease the pretty girl for liking the geek, the overplays the “Are you insane?? He is such a loser!” Card..

And..I kinda hate to see how he is like a stupid little puppy, so eager for the Brigade’s attention. I believe that also like a dog, he would be loyal to the point of idiocy. PLEASE quit being so trusting and naive, Brendan!!

WOOOO PIG SOOOEE!! That is the call we Arkansas fans use to show our affection for our beloved Arkansas Razorbacks! It is also an appropriate response for how we feel about this upcoming show tonight!  Britney showed the boys the call  in Big Brother 2010 the other night, and although she is not necessarily representative of our state, she is not doing too bad, temper tantrums aside.

Brit is not in a bad place within the house right now, although, depending on who wins the HOH’s tonight on the LIVE Double Eviction, she might just be making those calls in the Jury House.

Brendan is also not in as bad of a predicament as he once was. For the people who still tag him as a “bully” to sweet Ragan, remember.. He went off because he was trying to save Rachel (a bonehead move) and get himself evicted. I think everyone, including the other HG’s have realized that he is an ok guy.

Will the Brigade finally step up and win a competition tonight??

Last night, on the LIVE FEEDS (Sign up here for the best deal of the season- only $14.95 with @10 of free MP3 dounloads. that get you the rest of the season for less than 5 bucks, BTW) Hayden told Matt that he would be voted out.

Matt told Ragan, that there was no chance he would stay, and Ragan (typically) took it hard, and got weepy and mournful. Even with the knowledge that Matt had stabbed him viciously in the back.

The HG’s got a game to practice with in the BY- a see-saw, where you roll a ball, and pop it into a divided box. I don’t know if this represents the game for the POV,(it has been played before) or the first HOH, since the second HOH is almost assuredly an endurance comp.

Everyone got their practice shots in, although Ragan did very little practice, since he claims he would rather just follow Matt into the JH. Matt seems happy enough about that.

Brit is still laser-focused on getting Brendan out next, but when she vehemently brings it up with the Brigade members, you can see an awkward hesitation, before the obligatory “Hell, yeah.”

Can’t WAIT for this episode to see who survives the the second eviction. And this may be your last chance, to sign up for the LIVE FEEDS and witness an entire ENDURANCE comp for yourself.

In other news, Britney pondered a very interesting question to Lane. :”I wonder if I’m still engaged?” Lane responded: “I hope not. I told my mother on my phone call, I wanted to bring you home.” There is a very interesting interview with Britney’s fiancée here. He seems none too happy with the relationship that has developed between these two.

August 25, 2010

The Hard Part in Big Brother 2010


Well, we have made it to the hard part of Big Brother 2010, where everything has been said, and done and we just have to wait for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.

This week, the decision is pretty much made, with very little question.

For Matt fans, I agree he played his heart out, even if the “sick wife” thing is a little played out.

Enzo will most likely stay, even though he has won nothing, he is playing the social game strategy, a ploy that has worked well for players in the past.  Although in this stage of the game, it may not get you much farther.  We are at a place, where winning competitions is the key. Floaters can only get so far, and this… is the so far.

Last night on the LIVE FEEDS… well.. not too much happened. The HG’s studied for upcoming comps, talked about past HG’s blah, blah, blah…Oh- and Brit talked about her Pandora’s Box experience with Jesse.  Now.. there was a mention last week about another “secret power”- Brit claims she only got to spend an hour with Jesse. The question is.. Is that true? Did she instead get a secret power? We should find out tonight on the CBS show.

One funny patch happened as Brit, Enz, Hay, Lane talked about Kristin and Kathy. Brit did a passable Kristin imitation, and Enzo laid it down. “If someone comes to you and asks you to vote for them and you say’OK-you go around the house, ask everyone who they are voting for, and get back to me- you are done- that’s it-It’s the death blow.”

The HG’s were given a badmitton set, but other than that, it was status quo..With Ragan and Matt counting everything in the house, almost driving themselves nuts.

However… beginning tomorrow.. Things will heat up tremendously!  With the Double Eviction in play.. Who knows what is going to happen?  The LIVE FEEDS after the show tomorrow night, ending with a banging endurance comp ought to be CRAZY!!

Stay tuned today, for any new news. and SIGN UP for the end game LIVE FEEDS and get your FREE MP3 downloads!

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Point and laugh at Enzo’s ridiculous penguin costume* (*optional).


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