The live eviction show on Big Brother 2013 last night didn’t seem to bring us much drama, but oh my did the Live Feeds offer us some big time drama, especially when they throw alcohol into the mix on Big Brother 15! Forget the fact that GinaMarie won HoH for Week 6, because that played no real part in the fights between Amanda and Jessie and then Amanda and Candice. Check out some of the highlights below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers!

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First things first: GM won HoH and her and Aaryn are talking and it looks like it will be Candice and Jessie (maybe Spencer) going up on the block this week and in no big shocker, the target will be Candice. Everyone is blinded by the power of Amanda and Helen and I just wish GM would wake up and see it, but she just hopes Nick is proud of her for winning HoH.

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Let me preface this with a couple things:

  1. Amanda and McCrae are talking and he suggests they lay low this week.
  2. Earlier this week, Amanda called Spencer a bully for telling her to shut up.

Back to last night, Candice and Amanda showdown on Big Brother 2013: it involves the fact that Candice is calling them out on their crap and no one else is seeing it. Everything Candice is saying is true, but Amanda is not buying it. Why couldn’t Candice have won HoH and made this an amazing week? Candice was calling her out on Final 4 alliances and Amanda called her out for trying to flip the house. It is a game and you try to get your competitors out, but I guess it is wrong when the vote talk contains Amanda’s name. Lots of screaming and if only people could see the crazy that is Amanda, the bully calling other people out on bullying.

During the HoH competition, Helen won a BBQ party for being one of the first three to fall off the barrel. She did not invite Jessie to the BBQ party, but she did invite Aaryn and that upset Jessie. She has been missing a few of her medications this week, so up the dosage CBS!

Amanda is laying low this week, so she then proceeds to get into a huge fight with Jessie, who called her out for being a bully. Amanda calls her a slut and a man stealer. Jessie said everyone thinks she is a bully and they are afraid to tell her because this would happen to them. Amanda continues on the man stealer and not being able to close her legs and warns America about this girl, but Jessie calls her out for coming on the show having a boyfriend and now the thing with McCrae! If only Jessie and Candice could join forces and get some of the others to open their damn eyes to this nonsense!

The sad truth: Candice and Jessie are ruining their games on Big Brother 2013 because a certain group calls the shots and they are going against them. Rally the troops this week people!

The night calmed down some and McCrae and Amanda took their spot in the HoH bed as GM slept downstairs. This is normal??? McCrae is worried about the damage Amanda did last night. They talk and he wants Candice gone, but she wants Jessie gone and questions why he wants her to stay? Jessie was right: Amanda has so many insecurities and she knows Jessie is smart, so she wants her gone.

The nominees from GM come tonight and will America nominate Amanda again or does the focus go back on Aaryn? The funny thing: Aaryn has gone off people’s radars because of all the stupid crap Helen and Amanda have been doing this past week on Big Brother 2013!

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