Tonight we will have our first live eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2018 and considering everything that we know, it really could be anyone going home. Between the premiere and last night’s episodes of Celebrity Big Brother and the live feeds from yesterday, things could get very interesting.

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Every time a live eviction comes along, we always have that one HG we favor more than the other. I feel like the first one is always the hardest because we don’t really know much about them based on their time on the show and that’s where watching the live feeds comes in handy. If you missed any of the live feeds, you can find my recaps for Wednesday and Thursday by clicking the links! Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Celebrity Big Brother? Let me know in the poll below!

James and Chuck found themselves on the block after the women were forced to change their noms because Chuck decided he wanted to try for the re-cast on last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother. The original plan was to put Mark up as a pawn with Metta because Metta wanted to go home. That plan changed with Chuck decided he was going to try and see if he can re-cast himself as the HOH with his gift bag.

When Chuck went in, so did all the women, in hopes that they would then have the upper hand in the random draw to determine who will open their bag before the noms ceremony. It worked because Keshia was picked in the random draw and she had the re-cast in her gift bag. She then announces that the nominations were Chuck and James.

James put a target on his back early on by being the annoying HG of the bunch. Although, Brandi takes that award every time she has a glass of wine in her hand. Chuck was put up because he is a physical threat in this game and because he tried to overthrow Shannon regardless of being told he was safe this week. Keshia tells them that they are going up because they are the strongest competitors.

If you watch the feeds, you know that James is the clear target, but yesterday Shannon started to campaign to keep him in the house and vote Chuck out instead. Will the vote actually flip or will Shannon stick to the plan and get James out? Who do you think will go home tonight on Celebrity Big Brother? Let me know in the poll below!

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