I will start this out by saying that this is a huge long shot for Big Brother 2015, but I am still going to throw it out there and see what happens! We all know about the Twin Twist on Big Brother 17 and it appears that Liz Nolan is the one with the twin, but could there be more twins in that Big Brother 2015 house??? Check out my thoughts below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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To be honest, there is no way there could be more than one HG playing as twins. There have been moments that Liz and her twin Julia have appeared in the house and they look a little different and have had some issues keeping stories straight with some of the HGs. I am almost certain it is them, but CBS didn’t share the details with us last night on the show and I thought they would. So, now I am going to speculate even more!

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Hey, we have nothing going on until the eviction on Thursday night, so why not? Here are my choices that could also have twins in the Big Brother 2015 house and why:

  • Jeff – During Night 1 of the Live Feeds, he mentioned he had a twin, so why not?
  • John – He was also rumored to have a twin, so I am throwing him into the mix too! He seems calm while in the house, but a little crazy in the Diary Room, so maybe John does the DRs and his twin is living in the house???
  • Becky – Last night on the Live Feeds, Jason and Steve were talking about the swimsuit photos they take as a cast. Becky seemed to have no clue what photos they were talking about! She had a photo taken, as seen in my photo gallery here! She was hit by a train, so maybe she has some memory lapses, but maybe she has a twin in the game and the twin got the photo taken?
  • Vanessa – She had that major meltdown during the first night of Live Feeds. I never expected her to have that reaction, especially as a professional poker player. So, maybe her non-poker player twin was in the house and everything was getting to her and not actually Vanessa?

I know it is crazy talk, but maybe we have five sets of twins playing the game? If that were true, we’d be playing the game until December to evict everyone, but just something to think about on this Monday afternoon!

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