July 21, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Live Eviction Poll and HOH tonight! *Spoiler*


There’s been a lot of grumbling  that Big Brother 2011 is “the worst season ever.”

Based on what’s happened so far.. I’m inclined to agree.. Lookit, I’m not gonna blow smoke up your collective butts,  things could be more exciting. And I think they will be.. Very soon.

Because within the next week or two, we are going to see the end (thank God) of the couple alliance. Once it’s every man for himself, this season’s gonna turn ugly.

It's not what you think. In this pic- Rachel is punching Brendon in the stomach. They were fighting...again...Surprised? Yeah, me too.



yes- but will she return in yet another twist???

In the Big Brother 2011 Week Two Eviction– (hi.. did you notice I said week TWO? Do you realize we’ve JUST gotten started? Now, remember. Big Brother has done this for a looong time. Trust me…they are aware of the fans reaction to the current situation. They have something up their producer sleeves. don’t worry about that.)–Tonight we will almost certainly see Cassi go. Cassi’s downfall was her inability to hide her animosity toward Rache, and it was premature. Brenchel was too strong, and unfortunately–once Dom won the POV– Jeff and Jordan listened to their “partners” and put Cass and Shelly up-with the intention of ousting Cassi.


I think this could be a fatal mistake on Jejo’s part. Cassi could’ve been a good ally for them once Brenchel turns on them. Why Kalia and Lawon continue to stay under the radar is beyond me.  Haven’t they seen people like this make it to the end before? Uh.. Kevin???

In any case- everything.. absolutely everything relies on tonight’s HOH.  If Jeff doesn’t win HOH, I think his days are numbered. Almost everyone is afraid of Brenchel, in a way they aren’t of Jeff and Jordan..  Dani can’t play for HOH. But she might as well be playing. If Don wins, he’ll put up whoever she tells him to.. And though she’s mentioned Kalia and Lawon, I believe she’d use his HOH to get rid of someone on the couple alliance, while keeping her own hands clean.


We’ve predicted that Brenchel and JeJo will turn on each other, gathering followers to their side, as it happens. The cracks in the alliance began showing early on- but as long as the “couples” thing is going on, both duos know it’s safer to stay together.  But each of the Vet duos have discussed turning on the other, so it’s just a matter of time.  When that happens, we are in for a VERY different show.

The key, of course, to which couple will survive for any amount of time relies on two things. A) Winning HOH’s. B) Who’s on their side. OH! And C) which side Dani falls on.

Dani’s position couldn’t be stronger. She’s got Dominic trussed up like a Christmas ham. He’ll do anything she says. Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS– and watch the fallout from the HOH comp for yourself. It’s bound to be in-SANE!

July 20, 2011

‘Where we at’–Wednesday. Big Brother 2011 *spoilers


We are introducing a new weekly feature…..Where We At Wednesdays.  “Where we at” in the Big Brother 2011 House. Each week, we’ll do an assessment on how each player is doing.  Who’s on top? Who’s flying under the radar? And who’s playing with their head up their butt?

Soo..  Where we at?

Let’s break it down by HG- and take a look at how they’re playing.

Cassi- I’m starting with her, because sadly, it looks like we’ll lose her on Thursday. She’s not really ever had a chance since her partner made that deal with the Vets, and she hesitated when the same deal was offered to her. But you Cassi fans out there–don’t lost hope. I think it highly likely we may see our willowy beauty come back. We are a person short with the departure of ED. Returning player? The magic 8 ball says….yes…

Porshe- She’s stuck so far up Rachel’s butt, she’s  been sitting in dark, smelly comfort for the last week. How will she fare once she has to emerge when  the golden key is done? I believe she’s first out. None of the HG’s (excluding Rachel) likes her.

LawonWho? Other than his brightly-colored clothes, we haven’t seen much of him.  Is he lurking like a spider waiting to pounce? Or is he simply a bug that’s gonna get caught up in the webs being strung? I think he’s out soon, too.

Kalia- She’s trying to ingratiate herself with everyone, and I think she’ll skate longer than her partner. But again- she’s another non-entity. A little person in a big Big Brother 2011 house.

ShellyOur sweet mama is doing well. Everyone loves her to death. That will remain until it comes out that she’s been a secret betrayer all along. When that happens, the remaining Newbies will turn on her, and she’ll remain the low man on the Vet totem pole.. Vet Meat.

Adam What about Adam? We haven’t seen much of him. Is he standing back with a huge sledgehammer- ready to smack down? Or is he a sheep in a big ole hairy wolf-suit?

DomHe’s playing the best Newbie game so far. All the Vets like him–though they don’t trust him as far as they can throw him. He won the POV- so he can compete. He’s high on the Vet’s radar. He’ll have to win to stay in. Unless his sweetie, Dani, saves him again.

BrenchelCombining these two, because they are imploding from within.  All they do is fight. Every day Dani and Jordan have to give Rachel “How to be a normal human being” lesson. Brendon wants to stick with the Vet alliance, but I see Rachel convincing him to turn.

JeffHe’s not the same happy-go-lucky guy he was in his season. Attribute some of that to being partnered with Brenchel. How long could you stay sane locked up next to those two? He’ll go before Jordan–

Jordan– Will we see our first Two-time Big Brother winner?  Chances are good. She’s in a really good place. She’s brave, well-liked, and playing a super-smart game. Dani/Jordan F2??  Likely…

DaniWhew! She’s sitting pretty, and playing the most savvy game of all. I see her sitting at the Finals. Unless…. people start seeing the strings she’s pulling on everyone. For now, they’re cleverly invisible..


So– What do you think of our assessment? Agree? Disagree?  Share your thoughts with us on the comments below!

There’s bound to be a last-ditch effort from Cassi to try to stay. Sign up here for the LIVE FEEDS to see what she does to remain.  Will Shelly be outed??  Only the Live Feeders will know.  Are you one of them?


July 19, 2011

“Make her cry Every Day.”–Big Brother 2011


Remember waaayy back in week one of the Big Brother 2011 house?  Oh wait, it’s only Week two… But reflecting back on the way we started.. Things have changed. Oh yes, my friends, things have changed.

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July 18, 2011

Should I draw you a picture? Big Brother 2011 Veto Ceremony Spoiler


Jordan is calm center of the biggest maelstrom of drama we’ve had this Big Brother 2011 season. But the two forces creating the storm are going to drag the Vet alliance into the dirt.

Jordan and Jeff despise all the tension and nastiness that’s going on between Cassi and Rachel. (Psst–We don’t, though, do we??…Oh no, we like it just fine!)

Dom swaggered about the house, earlier, suggesting  that maybe he’d throw them for a loop and not use the POV, since he knows he has the votes to stay.

Pu-leeze.  That was nothing but a load of testosterone-fueled bravado.  When the time came–little Dommy used it.. Of course he used it. Jeff and Jordan stuck to the Vet’s plan... and replaced Dom/Adam with Cassi and Shelly. When the Feeds came back– we found Shelly and Cassi sitting together in the BY and the weird part was- it was Shelly who was crying and Cassi who was comforting her.. hmmm..guilty conscience, maybe?

With the verbal warfare that’s been going down in the house over the last couple of days- you can expect Cassi to go down swinging.  The real question is this.. And it’s a doozy… Will Cassi learn about Shelly’s betrayal before she leaves—IF she leaves- ( keep in mind that Cassi won’t campaign against Shelly because she think’s she’s the most sweet, kind and HONEST person in the house).. However—If the rest of the Newbies learn it was Shelly who voted to keep Porshe, and has allowed Adam to take the blame all this time, it’s going to get real, REAL ugly in there.

Finally, a drama we can sink out teeth into!! YAY1 Check out the nasty little convo between Cassi and Brendon on the LIVE FEED FLASHBACK @ 9:57am BBT.  What? don’t have the feeds, you say? You heard they were boring, you say? Well, let me tell ya– with Cassi on the block, things are going to be anything but boring, cause she’s going to go down swinging. So if you wanna see Cassi fight for her survival, Sign up for the FREE TRIAL here!

Brendon- "Should I draw you a picture?"

I think all of Rachel’s shenanigans this week herald the beginning of the end of the Vet alliance. She and Jeff admitted to each other that they like Brendon, but that Rachel’s attempt at re-inventing her persona from last season is failing miserably. They’ll be glad to see the back of her, but being who they are–will not betray their sworn alliance, until they absolutely must… Well, Rachel’s bringing that time closer and closer every day..

July 18, 2011

Big Blowup in Big Brother 2011! VETO Ceremony- *Spoiler*


The VETO Ceremony is TODAY, and after the big blowup last night, it seems pretty sure who’ll be put up.

I do want to apologize to you guys–I got my dates mixed up yesterday regarding the Big Brother 2011 Veto Ceremony. (I’m keeping up with this while on vacation)

The tension between Rachel and Cassi finally broke last night. Both of them had their own version of the events, but what truly happened is Cassi tried to talk to Rachel calmly–but she it quickly turned into a nice little cat fight. It ended with Cassi telling Rachel that she was rooting for her last season. That she was a fan. But now she “gets it” and that Rachel is catty and “Ugly on the inside.”

Afterward, Rachel went up to HOH and re-hashed the conversation–skewing it to her side, as Cassi did later with Jordan.

I love Jordan… She is so honest, and she’s not afraid to tell someone the truth.  She told Rachel that her mouth is getting all of them in trouble–and that she does come across as catty sometimes. Rachel cried–are you surprised??

Dani came into the room, after Jordan schooled Rachel. When she saw Rach’s face–she said “What’s wrong with you now.”

All this started around 8:37 BBT on Flashback.  If you have the LIVE FEEDS, check it out.  If you don’t….Come on.. You HAVE to see it.  It’s unbelievable.. Get the FREE TRIAL and use the flashback feature.  It’s wild stuff.

Today’s Big Brother 2011 VETO Ceremony will likely cement Cassi and Shelly’s nomination, when Dom uses the POV.

Cassi knows that Shelly made a deal with the vets to a degree.. She was in the room when the deal was offered.  Shelly agreed very fast, but Cassi had some doubts. What Cassi doesn’t know–what no oneon the Newbie knows–is how deeply involved with the Vets Shelly is.. Her name has still not been brought up in the Keith/Porshe vote.  wow..

Funniest moment of the night— Jordan said to Jeff “Come hang out with me, I’m tired. I’ve been playing Dr. Phil all night.” LOL


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