September 3, 2010

Nominations Today Week 10 Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler*


Okay, I guess Big Brother 2010 made my decision for me last night.

UPDATE: The HG’s competed in a luxury competition today. It went like this:

Each HG was given a large coin with their name on it, and 90 seconds to hide it.

Then, they all got to search for each other’s coins. The person who hid their coin best-the last coin to be found-won $10,000 dollars!

They tore the house to smithereens. Hayden was out quickly. The next coin was Enzo’s, found by Britney

Who, after a final time of three hours… Also found Lane’s to win the money..

According to the boys, when Britney was searching the Recycle bin, where Lane’s was hidden, BB “accidently” flipped their mics on- and you could hear them say “Up..Up..”  Brit lifted the plastic insert in the bin, and voila!

I swore I would let fate decide and now that Hayden has won three HOH’s, it makes him both a physical and social competitor in the game.

Hayden got his HOH room-The requisite sweet letter from his Dad, and a stack of T-shirt, which he’d hoped would be “Brigade T-shirts”. He was disappointed in that, however.

Enzo and Lane had a “conversation” about Britney. Enzo said “It’s Britney, right? No matter what, we get her out, man.”

Lane laughed. Enzo said: “You’re scaring the sh*t out of me with that girl, man.”

Hayden and Enzo are worried that if Lane wins POV, he will use it on Britney, which would force Hayden to nominate Enzo, and would give Britney the sole vote. Same thing… If Brit wins, and takes Lane off… so…

STAY TUNED TODAY for nomination results!!

Or sign up for the LIVE FEEDS-The final three comp-with endurance coming up!!

Now.. for the REALLY interesting parts of the show..

Matt’s explosive reveal that he lied about his wife’s illness. I think that people universally thought that was an unnecessary, and extremely exploitive lie. To me, the worst part of all of that whole segment, was when Rachel asked Matt if he regretted it, and he responded, “Well, I regret that it didn’t pay out.” The look of horror on the other’s faces, I think, said it all.

Interesting how Julie kept emphasizing to Ragan, how he thought Matt was such a great person.. RIGHT after this segment.

September 2, 2010

New HOH for final Four! Spoiler**


Well, we have the new HOH for our Big Brother 2010 Final four and it is…………….

Behind the beer can he is holding the HOH key…

Enzo is thrilled.. Lane and Brit less so.

More tomorrow. Hayden will put up his noms- no big surprises, I imagine. the BIG comp this week is the Veto winner, who not only will go to F3, but will be the sole vote to evict!!

Dont forget, if you sign up for the feeds, you will get to see the final Endurance comp!!

Check back in the morning, when we will talk about the reactions of the HG’s and that explosive jury house segment.. AND how Ragan is going to react upon hearing Matt’s confession.

September 2, 2010

LIVE Eviction Week 9 Big Brother 2010


Tonight we have another Live Eviction in Big Brother 2010.

UPDATE: HG’s are dressed for the Live Show. What they are wearing is usually a clue as to what kind of comp BB has told them to be prepared for. Looks like a possible endurance comp to me??

UPDATE: Forgot to ask you guys, what you thought about the “Singing Clam-Otev”.  I say…”  “I know OTEV. And YOU, Sir, –are no OTEV!”

Hated it…. OTEV is a touchstone of Big Brother. He is a totem pole, and far worthier HG’s than these  have knelt before him.  We look forward to him every year.  And they bring on this glammed up clam, and call HIM OTEV?????.. No sir.. not on my watch you don’t!!

And I have made a momentous decision. I have had a really hard time picking anyone to “root” for, in this ho-hum Final five. I know that a lot of you feel the same, so if you want to go along with me… I say we play it this way.. We let FATE decide….

Whomever wins HOH tonight, is who I am going to hope wins the whole thing. Taking this blah decision out of my hands entirely.

Let’s put this in the hands of the BB gods. The next HOH will be my hero (or- ick…heroine)..

Once again, nothing much of note happened in the house. On the SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS- still only 9.99 with the $10.. of free MP3 downloads-so that you can witness the inevitable final endurance comp and final 3 comps..

We heard Lane’s decision last night. He plans to break with his Brigade brothers, because he bought what Brit was selling about winning if he takes her to F2- DUH!! Do these people KNOW this game? Most of the time..Nay..nearly ALL the time, in the end, the jury will vote for the best competitor! And in a F2 between Brit and Lane, that is Britney. And she knows this.. Smart gameplay on her part.

Apparently the DR told the HG’s that this season had the best ratings ever. So they got all amped up about how awesome they are, and what superstars they are going to be. They regret how sad it is that they will not be able to go out anywhere anymore without being mobbed with fans.  (sorry, I threw up in my mouth a little).

Ragan got schmammered last night on 2 bottles of wine and several beers and gave his final soliloquy in the hammock. Did you guys happen to notice the little hypocritical throwing of the disc when Ragan lost the comp last night? Do you also remember Ragan calling Brendan a “sore loser” and a bully over and over for doing the very same thing- even though he did it on purpose to try to save Rachel and get himself evicted ?  Hmmm… Reap..Sow.. Anyone??

So…what will it be faithful followers?  Will you take this on faith? Will we let fate decide. The dear hubby (DH) just came up and totally disagreed with my plan. He says he can’t go along with me, because he doesn’t care who WINS, he just cares who DOESN’T win- Britney. Anyone else is cool with him. I believe that Enzo and Hayden agree with the DH. Their goal is to get the blonde out.

I hope, hope, hope tonight’s HOH is one where they have to fill something with liquid. You know the one. Last year they had to run on a slippery plastic bowling-type lane, and fill the bowl up with a coffee cup. Remember?

What do you guys think?

August 31, 2010

Ragan’s last stand- Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler*


UPDATE: Big Brother 2010—These two just won’t give up on the Brenchel bashing. I have never seen anyone so obsessed in my life. Check this out from Jokers.

Brit: What if Rachel announces on the finale that she’s pregnant?
08/31/10 11:56 PM  AddThis Social Bookmark Button

Ragan: I’m not even a big advocate of abortion, but I’d offer to abort that baby myself.

Brit: I’ll bet if Rachel doesn’t win prom queen of Vegas, she will kill herself.

Ragan: I’ll bet Vegas hates her. And who brags that they are from Vegas?

Even the other HG’s are sick of it..

Lane goes outside, Enzo follows. They both agree that they are sick about hearing them talk about Rachel all the time
08/31/10 11:52 PM

Lane and Enzo in the BY. Enzo saying it’s enough, yo!
08/31/10 11:52 PM

Lane: I’m done talking about Rachel. I get it. I’ve heard the impressions.

Also the HG’s got some toys last night. Foam paddle ball and moon sand. Awwww..

Ragan threw a hail Mary pass on Big Brother 2010 last night.

And it might just have been caught in the endzone…..

Ragan, after rehearsing his speech on why Lane should keep him in a tie vote, and practicing it on Britney. Laid it out for Lane. He explained that according to his calculations, if Lane keeps and goes to F2 with Hayden or Enzo, he would not win, and that it made more sense to take Hayden out now.

The weird thing is, that it might just have worked!  Lane finally confessed to Britney that Hayden took the $5,000 AND the Hawaiian Vacation.  Hayden and Enzo are determined to get rid of Britney, because they are suspicious as to where Lane’s loyalties truly lie.

Britney is sticking with her “Take me to F2- cause no one will vote for me– I am playing for second place.”

Sure….  As a “Student” of the game, she knows very well that is not true. But she is doing her level best to convince the boys otherwise. Anyone who knows the game knows that at the end of the day, most of the Jury will vote for the best competitor.

The best deal of the season for the SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS is now available. For $9.99, and with $10.00 of FREE MP3 Downloads, you will be able to watch the final endurance comps, the backyard interviews, “At Home with Jordan” and all the BB Talk shows.

Stay Tuned for UPDATES and Let me know if you think

A) Ragan’s strategy will work.

B) Anyone is buying what Britney is  trying to sell.

August 30, 2010

POV Ceremony Week 8- 3rd Punishment Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler*UPDATED!


UPDATE:  OK guys- Just gonna be honest here and tell you that I am going to be lazy today and not put up a new post.  There is absolutely nothing new to report. Only two very minor things.. So please forgive me.. Sigh..

1.) Something happened in the DR which ticked Ragan off. Not sure what.

2.) Lane FINALLY told Brit he was sick (and that America is sick-according to the DR) of her incessant Brendan and Rachel bashing, and to cut it out.

Other than that… Here is what they did all night.

Th…th…That’s all folks….

If anything happens that is noteworthy, I will let you know.

UPDATE_  POV Re-nominations are in- and Lane nominated……………………………………..Hayden.

This came as no shock to Hayden, but I wonder how Enzo feels about all this.  After all..Why is Lane REALLY not putting Britney up?

We have all recently discovered that Lane has family money. No oil well digger, our little Laney.. No.. HE already owns his own, (over 2400 sq. foot) home in Houston. He spends his working hours shmoozing his daddy’s clients. Now.. let’s compare that lifestyle to poor neglected little Nick.

Nick is a Medical Technologist. A great job. I admire Med Techs tremendously and have several friends with this title. It is an important job and they make a good living.

One thing, though… It ain’t Texas oil money.

Now, I am no prestidigitator, but if I was… I would predict that Lane doesn’t want to have ANYTHING to do with voting Britney out of the house, because he is planning a possible future with her. And I think she is too…  Arkansas and Texas are snuggled right up next to each other.  Kissing cousins of the south.

We will see, won’t we??? Hmmm…

POV Ceremony today in Big Brother 2010. So stay tuned for Lane’s choice.

He told Britney that Hayden has agreed to go up as pawn, so there will likely not be any surprises today. The big question this week, is..Depending on who wins HOH..Will the “Brigade” stick with the penguin or ditch him for the blonde? If they think logically- anyone going up against Brit will likely not fare too well, if the Jury votes for a competitor.

The third punishment was announced. Ya’ll ready for this? I hope so, because it is not for the squeamish..

Every time music is played over the loud speakers…The poor, poor HG’s have to……….dance.


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