August 31, 2010

Ragan’s last stand- Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler*


UPDATE: Big Brother 2010—These two just won’t give up on the Brenchel bashing. I have never seen anyone so obsessed in my life. Check this out from Jokers.

Brit: What if Rachel announces on the finale that she’s pregnant?
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Ragan: I’m not even a big advocate of abortion, but I’d offer to abort that baby myself.

Brit: I’ll bet if Rachel doesn’t win prom queen of Vegas, she will kill herself.

Ragan: I’ll bet Vegas hates her. And who brags that they are from Vegas?

Even the other HG’s are sick of it..

Lane goes outside, Enzo follows. They both agree that they are sick about hearing them talk about Rachel all the time
08/31/10 11:52 PM

Lane and Enzo in the BY. Enzo saying it’s enough, yo!
08/31/10 11:52 PM

Lane: I’m done talking about Rachel. I get it. I’ve heard the impressions.

Also the HG’s got some toys last night. Foam paddle ball and moon sand. Awwww..

Ragan threw a hail Mary pass on Big Brother 2010 last night.

And it might just have been caught in the endzone…..

Ragan, after rehearsing his speech on why Lane should keep him in a tie vote, and practicing it on Britney. Laid it out for Lane. He explained that according to his calculations, if Lane keeps and goes to F2 with Hayden or Enzo, he would not win, and that it made more sense to take Hayden out now.

The weird thing is, that it might just have worked!  Lane finally confessed to Britney that Hayden took the $5,000 AND the Hawaiian Vacation.  Hayden and Enzo are determined to get rid of Britney, because they are suspicious as to where Lane’s loyalties truly lie.

Britney is sticking with her “Take me to F2- cause no one will vote for me– I am playing for second place.”

Sure….  As a “Student” of the game, she knows very well that is not true. But she is doing her level best to convince the boys otherwise. Anyone who knows the game knows that at the end of the day, most of the Jury will vote for the best competitor.

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Stay Tuned for UPDATES and Let me know if you think

A) Ragan’s strategy will work.

B) Anyone is buying what Britney is  trying to sell.

August 30, 2010

POV Ceremony Week 8- 3rd Punishment Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler*UPDATED!


UPDATE:  OK guys- Just gonna be honest here and tell you that I am going to be lazy today and not put up a new post.  There is absolutely nothing new to report. Only two very minor things.. So please forgive me.. Sigh..

1.) Something happened in the DR which ticked Ragan off. Not sure what.

2.) Lane FINALLY told Brit he was sick (and that America is sick-according to the DR) of her incessant Brendan and Rachel bashing, and to cut it out.

Other than that… Here is what they did all night.

Th…th…That’s all folks….

If anything happens that is noteworthy, I will let you know.

UPDATE_  POV Re-nominations are in- and Lane nominated……………………………………..Hayden.

This came as no shock to Hayden, but I wonder how Enzo feels about all this.  After all..Why is Lane REALLY not putting Britney up?

We have all recently discovered that Lane has family money. No oil well digger, our little Laney.. No.. HE already owns his own, (over 2400 sq. foot) home in Houston. He spends his working hours shmoozing his daddy’s clients. Now.. let’s compare that lifestyle to poor neglected little Nick.

Nick is a Medical Technologist. A great job. I admire Med Techs tremendously and have several friends with this title. It is an important job and they make a good living.

One thing, though… It ain’t Texas oil money.

Now, I am no prestidigitator, but if I was… I would predict that Lane doesn’t want to have ANYTHING to do with voting Britney out of the house, because he is planning a possible future with her. And I think she is too…  Arkansas and Texas are snuggled right up next to each other.  Kissing cousins of the south.

We will see, won’t we??? Hmmm…

POV Ceremony today in Big Brother 2010. So stay tuned for Lane’s choice.

He told Britney that Hayden has agreed to go up as pawn, so there will likely not be any surprises today. The big question this week, is..Depending on who wins HOH..Will the “Brigade” stick with the penguin or ditch him for the blonde? If they think logically- anyone going up against Brit will likely not fare too well, if the Jury votes for a competitor.

The third punishment was announced. Ya’ll ready for this? I hope so, because it is not for the squeamish..

Every time music is played over the loud speakers…The poor, poor HG’s have to……….dance.

August 29, 2010

Punishment in Big Brother 2010 **Spoiler**


Hi guys! Not a whole heck of a lot going on in the Big Brother 2010 house, except the remaining HG’s received their second punishment.

If you will recall, the first was BB took away all the cup, glasses, and cutlery.. oooo…  how horrific, huh?

Anyhoo.. At least this second one COULD have some entertainment value.

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The HG’s were given Sock Puppets, that they HAVE to speak through. If they talk without using their puppet, they will be a Have Not. Here are the HG’s and their respective alter egos…

Other than this, slightly entertaining tidbit, it was same old…… Brendan and Rachel bashing, Ragan weeping..

thanks, Bigbrotherleak

Bella– one of my faithful commenters, posted a VERY insightful comment last night. I am going to share it here, as she said it better than I could.  Thanks, Bella and I hope anyone of Brit’s acquaintance, keeps one eye on her at all times..(lol-not gonna say it… nope, not gonna say it about the eye… OK! Yep.. Couldn’t resist.. Why has NO ONE commented on the eye???? )

Anyway.. Here is Bella’s post.  THANKS BELLA! Really great!!

Bella said:

This really has been a weak season. It is so odd to hear the final five say(on the live feeds) they are the best final five ever. I truely do not think these people have any sort of sefl awareness. Ragan and britney were still talking about Brendan and Rachel even now. That realy shows you just how little they have going on up stairs. I was so dsappointed in Lane, Enzo and Hayden when they joined in the “mean girl” talk with B and R. It left me with no one to like at all. how can you endlessly make fun of some one’;s physical appearance and then proclaim a life of being bullied(Ragan)?
I will have to give Britney this. She was her catty/make fun of every girl and two guys in the house from day one. So it really is the other players(and especially the ladies) fault for letting her continue to get by with it. But I have a feeling she has a life time of misery ahead of her. Once she got off Rachel and Brendan she has moved on to talking about not being close to her sister and never telling her hello on tv and telling her newest story of how her ex female boss and her would make fun of the other women in the work place, “What’s up with that eye shadow.” She also made fun of some guy she went on a date with. I have never heard her do any thing but talk abdly about people…unless it was Hayden, or Lane Or when she needed him, Ragan.
Has anyone noticed how she has gotten to be less and less attractive as the show has progressed.
I have been really upset with hwo CBS has edited it to look as if she and Ragan are good people. What is up with that?
And as badly as I dislike Ragan I actually wish he would win. I know he is not out with the POV loss. But as least the remaining four would be so ashamed about losing to him. And he is another one who needs some serious therapy.

August 28, 2010

POV Winner-Week 8! Big Brother 2010 **Spoiler**


In case you don’t already know– (sorry, I am a tiny bit behind today)..

The POV comp is done in the Big Brother 2010 house and the winner is……

Yep, Enzo FINALLY won a competition!!  You may now take a moment to recover.. Have the vapors?  Need the smelling salts?? Apparently in the competition, which included searching for CD’s and putting them in some type of container- Enzo bumped Ragan out of the way, brutally, according to a complaining Ragan, to win the comp. Enzo is one fired up penguin tonight!- Actually- he is a penguin no more. He is back to regular (if borrowed) duds.

OK- now what does that mean? Well, obviously Ragan is in deep doo doo..  It is somewhat ironic to see him in the “shun” position now. After ridiculing Brendan for having no friends, and celebrating his greatness, our poor Professor Pouty Pants is all but out the door.

He has only a very, VERY slim chance of survival, and that is predicated on Lane NOT putting Britney up in Enzo’s place.  I was surprised today, to hear Lane and Hayden, talking about taking Brit to F3 instead of Enzo-That would be a punk move, I believe, since you have been proclaiming your “Brigade” Crap since day 1. Although, they already cut Bro-#4-Matt. So maybe only the first time is hard.  Matt, though, at least did have a very tight side alliance with Ragan and so there was some justification for turning on him, but to choose Brit over Enzo??? Now, having said that.. And as much as I don’t care for her as a person.. (I think she is a spoiled, pampered, nasty little thing)…. She has fought. She has won a lot of comps, AND she has played the social game very well.  Enzo has finally won his first comp, here at the final few hours, but he has played the social game beautifully.  Each one is a valid strategy.

I know I have used this pic of Brit before-,but it is priceless and worth a second viewing..

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So… This week is pretty much a lock, especially once Lane names Enzo’s successor..

Who do you think Lane should put up next to Ragan? AND Who do you want to see as F3?

August 27, 2010

Nominations Revealed- Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler



The Nominations have been revealed in Big Brother 2010!

Lane has made his nominations, and while they may be somewhat surprising, there is a method to their madness.

He has nominated Ragan, as expected, with Enzo as pawn.


He and Hayden planned this-although I am not sure it was completely with Enzo’s blessing. They did not want to put up Britney- although I am sure they have her in reserve in case Ragan wins POV.  HOWEVER, if Ragan shares with Brit his theory about the three boys, and she wins the POV, there is a small chance she could take Ragan down, thereby forcing Lane to put Hayden up. with Hayden and Enzo both on the block.. It could be the end of the Brigade.

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And.. Hang on tight, as we anticipate the POV tomorrow!!!


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