July 12, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Poll- and the Claws are coming out!


Things are beginning to heat up in the Big Brother 2011 House. Every season has it’s honeymoon period, before the claws start coming out.

    Guess what guys… The Honeymoon is Over—–

Dominick is targeting Jeff in a big way. I’m not certain if he’s trying to prove whose is biggest, or what? But he snipes at Jeff constantly.. Jeff’s taking it well, but if Dom’s not careful, he’ll soon learn that he’s a little bitty rooster who’s poking the bear…..Does he not remember Russell?? We do.. I kinda hope he keeps it up, so Jeff can put him in his place. Besides…I can’t WAIT to see Jordan chest bump the little punk.

YAY! We have our first active new strategist. Up to now, only the Vets were doing any heavy planning and scheming. But now, Kalia has implemented a plan to A) Join with the Vets. B) Get rid of her partner. C) Get herself a Golden Key. After sharing her plans with Jordan and Brendon, to make certain the Vets were onboard, Kalia “confessed” to Dominic that she “wanted to go home.”

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July 11, 2011

Dick comes Clean–Big Brother 2011


Finally! Dick Donato–aka Evel Dick– has finally let us know the reason for his leaving Big Brother 2011.

As usual, Dick is blunt.  He’s also pretty harsh in dealing with all the rumor mongers who claimed this was all Baloney.. (though our dear Dick used naughty words we try not to use on our fam-friendly site– no matter how BAD we want to sometimes.. ) As you know, we never posted false BS about Dick’s reasons.  We only knew that we didn’t know..

We stated that Dick is a gamer, and respects Big Brother too much to leave for anything but the most important reasons..  He did not and WILL not reveal WHO the person is.. Only that it is a dear friend who had health issues and needed him.  I admire him greatly for that.

Click on the picture below for the video. Then click on Evel Dick exclusive at the bottom of that page.

Evel Dick explains

So– that is that– and we will sorely miss our Dick and all the trouble he would’ve caused.. The Big Brother 2011 House is just a little dimmer without him..


But still awesome!! So come onnnnnn… You’re totally missing it! OMG at the things that are coming down the road for these guys.  The honeymoon’s almost over.. And those LIVE FEEDS are calling your name.. Admit it.. You know you want them.. oooooooo they’re soooo goooooddd..  🙂

SIGN UP HERE and get ready as volatile Keith and snaky Porshe scramble for votes.  Who will win out on votes? The Vets–who want Keith out–or the Newbies who wanna oust Porshe.  This vote will show which side the floaters are really on..

How hard did ya’ll laugh, watching Keith hump Adam in that cow suit??  And God love Jordan.. “I’d rather be in a nice farm somewhere.”

Jeff had it figured out.

July 11, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Pool Time and what the H is the Golden Key?


Thank the Heavens for sunny California. Because we were given lots to look at yesterday in the Big Brother 2011 House.  Pretty people lounging around a pool with very little on.. Ahhh…

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July 10, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Week One Veto Results


The Big  Brother 2011 gang is back with the Veto results,

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July 10, 2011

UPDATE–Big Brother 2011-The Adventures of Captain Wedgie & Mama-Boy!


It was a dark, sultry night in the Big Brother 2011 House.. But evil forces were gathering to infiltrate the unsuspecting houseguests.. But what?? could it be? It IS!!

Captain Wedgie!!!

UPDATE- The crew is currently performing the VETO ceremony. We’ll update you with the results. Stay tuned!

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