July 9, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Veto Winners & BB FUN!


Game on! After a couple of days of confusion and drama, the Big Brother 2011 Game is on! Now we can settle back and watch the game find it’s natural rhythm.

Since the HOH question and the nominations are settled, the next question was.. who won Veto– answered last night–and what the Veto winner will do now?

Rachel, with Brendon’s help, won the POV last night. And now the Vets have to decide who is the best one of the two nominees to get rid of. Keith or Porshe…Porshe, apparently, is getting on everyone’s nerves. The Newbies don’t like her, and plan on voting to keep Keith. That could prove dangerous to the Vets, as Keith is a stronger competitor, and more well liked by the other group.

Brenchel, JeJo and Dani need to pull at least one vote to their side to control the vote. With the current 8-5 split, the Vets have no hope if they don’t win back to back HOHs. There are a few Newbies–

who seem to be drifting toward Vet side. But all of them have also told the other side they are loyal, so hard to tell.

The HG’s had a good time last night playing drinking games and got along pretty well, although you know Big Brother 2011 there is always scheming going on in the background.

you might notice--Dick's picture is now black and white

Stay tuned today- and if you haven’t signed up for the LIVE FEEDS— please keep us in mind.  There’s bound to be a LOT of backstabbing and scheming going on in the next few days, as the Newbies scramble, and you DON’T want to miss it!

They finally opened the Backyard– so the HG’s enjoyed the hot tub and a few smokes—

July 8, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Veto Comp! Spoiler


Veto Comp completed in the Big Brother 2011 House! And Brenchel won–not sure which one, but the Vets are happy and Keith is not. More info and pics in the am.

Looks like red Unitards made an appearance.

Catch up with all the aftermath on the Big Brother 2011 Live Feeds- get your Free Trial HERE!

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July 8, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Veto Players Picked *Spoiler*


The Big Brother 2011 HG’s have picked the upcoming Veto players, and it’s not looking good for the nominated, Keith and Porshe.

UPDATE:Veto Comp going on!

Veto players are Brendon and Rachel-natch.
Keith and Porshe—also natch.
and……………… Jeff and Jordan.
Adam was selected to host.

Keith is pushing hard,hard,hard for votes. He is freaking out, about the fact that Porshe has talked to the Vets, and is mad at him for throwing her under the bus last night. And they’ve been sniping at each other all day.

The Vets are in a sticky situation, with the lower numbers- but they plan to try to pull a few of the Newbies to their side..

The Big Brother 2011 HG’s expect to play the POV tonight– we’ll keep a close watch on the LIVE FEEDS– and keep you updated when it happens!

**Still no news on the Dick situation- his picture is still in color. But that’s all we know. 

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July 8, 2011

Breaking News: Big Brother 2011 loses Dick and Dani gets 1st Golden Key.


In case you didn’t see the update on the previous Big Brother 2011 post, let me confirm again.

Evel Dick Donato has left the Big Brother 2011 Game.  There was some speculation that it was a twist or a trick.. But I do not believe that is so.. 

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July 8, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Golden Key and a missing Dick? UPDATED!!


Wow. That was my first impression of the premiere of Big Brother 2011. Simply… wow. SPOILER ALERT!

UPDATE! OK- Here’s what we have gathered.  Evel Dick has left the house for personal reasons. They did not tell the HG’s why– not even Dani, except to say it was not her mom or brother. THEN there was apparently a big confrontation with Keith throwing his partner Porshe under the bus, claiming the Dick leaving is a Twist, and that after the POV he had a big “bombshell” to drop.

Something happened during that time, as well, that freaked Brenchel out so much–they started packing their bags to leave.  Jeff talked them off the ledge, however and they will stay to compete. The latest is that Jeff and Jordan and Brenchel believe they can get Shelly and Cassi on their side– and they are considering taking out Keith- as a troublemaker-instead of the original Porshe.

Dani received a Golden Key– due to losing her partner. That means she is safe from the block for the next four weeks– but she also cannot compete in any HOH comps..

That’s what we know right now- but STAY TUNED as we update all day.. Whew!! HUGE DAY in the Big Brother 2011 House.. And hi.. it’s the FIRST FREAKIN’ DAY!! Still having doubts about getting those feeds???????????



Not one, not two, but THREE major twists. The Duos we already (kinda) figured out. But what about the Golden Key Twist??  Later we’ll talk about all the implications of that twist.. But the BIG news right now is….

Where in the heck is Evel Dick??? 

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