July 31, 2010

Couple vs. Couple Big Brother 2010

SPOILER! UPDATE!! POV pics done! Enzo, Brit, Ragan picked. Only one of the Brigade playing with Hayden. Well it is A showmance showdown in Big Brother 2010 house. Rachel winning the HoH means that once again, “Brenchel” is running the house. After andrew’s explosive exit, where he outed the other “secret” couple, feathers flew. Check […]

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July 29, 2010

What a show!! Big Brother 2010 Live show!

UPDATE!! UPDATE#2!! Sorry for adding to this post, but I am on vaca with limited access to the Internet. SPOILER ALERT!! Nominations!! Kristin and Hayden are on the block. The brigade plans on winning POV and taking Hay down, and talking Rach intonputting Kathy up. If Rach replaces Hay with Matt, they will sacrifice him […]

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July 27, 2010

POV Meeting was Crazy! Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler Alert

There was a lot of talk about whom to send home. It is still up in the air unless something major happens today or tomorrow.  Who do you think will go? Do Brendan and Andrew have an outside relationship? poll by twiigs.com POV Meeting was unexpectedly dramatic yesterday in the Big Brother 2010 House. The […]

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July 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions- Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler Alert

What to do, What to do? It was a quiet, fun-filled night in the Big Brother 2010 House last night. People flip-flopped back and forth on whom to vote out on Thursday night. The “Brigade” are going back and forth on rather to put out the biggest threat, or to knock out a do-little floater. […]

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July 25, 2010

Party Time in the Big Brother 2010 House–*Spoiler Alert

Man! The Big Brother 2010 Houseguests had a party last night. Apparently, BB gave the Have’s plenty of liquor last night! On the LIVE FEEDS (if you haven’t signed up, you are missing oouuttt!) It was a little too much for some of them.. Uh….Kristen ate a spider.. I am even kidding… Looks like we […]

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July 24, 2010

POV RESULTS! Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert!  POV results are in, in the Big Brother 2010 house. The POV comp just finished and wowee-wow oh wow! Jump on the LIVE FEEDS, here, and see how the HG’s are reacting! See below for the results The POV picks were made late last night.  Andrew, Kathy Matt- Picked Lane, Brendan and Rachel. […]

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July 23, 2010

New Sheriff in Town- Results of Endurance comp- Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler

Well, We had our first endurance comp in the Big Brother 2010 house. The HG’s were put up on surfboards, where they had to balance themselves while being pelted with periodic sprays of icy cold water on the jiggling boards. Disappointingly, several people fell quickly, and it turned into a three man fight. Get your […]

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July 22, 2010

The Darker Side [Parker’s Post]#1- Week 2 Big Brother 2010

YO!!! What’s going on people? It’s week 2 in the Big Brother 2010 house! I just want to make it very clear that I am not Janet. My name is Parker, I am her son. Now I, unlike my mother, am not all for the ooey gooey goody two-shoes people. Give me the rotten nasty […]

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July 22, 2010

LIVE EVICTION SHOW tonight- Week 2- Big Brother 2010-Endurance Comp!

Quick view of pre-show HG’s Tonight is the Big Brother 2010 Week 2 Live Eviction Show. We made it through the second week, and there has been drama a-plenty. We had our first couple of big-time blowups and (ta-da) our first House Meeting/Callout. It certainly has not been boring. BIG NEWS!! Info from the LIVE […]

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July 21, 2010

Game on! First big House Confrontation Meeting Big Brother 2010*Spoiler*

Game on!  We have had our first big house meeting and Big Brother 2010 House meeting confrontation! YAY!! If you missed it- Try the LIVE FEEDS for FREE and Flashback to this crazy stuff! Rachel’s nominations have caused big time drama in the house last night, as things came to light. Rachel and Brendan are […]

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